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Investments Areas

Prizma Capital is a boutique real estate investment firm, focused on residential investments in the United States.  We purchase multi-family assets across the US, cooperating with local American operators.   Our focus is primarily in the Southeast and Texas

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The Process

1 Locating the Investment

Our analysis spans the micro and macro data and trends in our areas of operation.  We conduct rigorous due diligence on each asset which includes physical, historical, legal, and economic checks.

2 Operating Partner

Local expertise is of paramount importance in achieving our target returns. We work with institutional quality local American operating partners.  Our longstanding relationships also provide us with a superior deal flow and access to opportunity.

3 Asset Management

Our asset management team takes an active role in the ongoing management of our investments.  We track data and trends in real time to be able to make appropriate changes which positively impact the bottom line.