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Prizma Capital is a boutique real estate investment firm, focused on residential investments in the United States. Together with our partners and anchor investors, we purchase multi-family assets across the US, cooperating with local American companies, specializing in property management and asset appreciation. The company focuses on purchasing assets in growing markets, specifically in the Southeast and Texas.

Aside from purchasing multi-family assets, the company, together with its investors, purchases private homes in various regions in the US.

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The Process

1 Locating the asset for investment

The process for buying a multi-family or single-family asset entails a rigorous analysis of the area and of the fundamentals of the investment including the following:

Examining the local area: Analyzing the sub-market socio-economic fundamentals, population and job growth, unemployment rates, crime rates, and more.

Current and historical occupancy rates in the sub market, and construction expectations in the future.

Review of other comparable properties

Economic model analysis.

2 Working with our local partners

Prizma capital purchases properties in the United States together with first-tier local partners that specialize in the relevant market, and manage the properties for the partnership. The partners, who together with Prizma invest a significant portion of the capital in the transaction, have a history of working with US based institutional investors and various funds.

3 Property management and tracking the investment

After finalizing the transaction, Prizma Capital is involved in every substantial decision regarding the asset, and constantly monitors the local partners’ management of the property and the progress made in reaching the goals of the business plan.